The goal of the Nick Willard Foundation is to provide a permanent solution to the problem of achieving prolonged or permanent abstention from drug use after a history of addiction. The targeted population for our mission is young men aged 20-30. We believe that the cycle of drug use, followed by sobriety then frequent relapse can be broken with a different approach than often considered by current institutional programs. The majority of people with drug addictions have not been living a life that is conducive to maintaining sobriety long term.  People who obtain sobriety in a controlled environment—a rehab, detox or hospital setting—are soon released.  Our experience reveals that most individuals upon discharge from these facilities fully intend to stay clean. When, however, the individual returns to the exact same circumstances, environment, city, home and/or social scene in which their drug use flourished, the goal of remaining clean is often impossible to achieve.  The return to this environment often causes intense feelings and emotions of isolation, regret, depression, and pain, causing the cycle of addiction to begin anew.

The Nick Willard Foundation believes that “getting clean” is not the sole goal.  These individuals, after prolonged addiction, often no longer possess the skills required to live normally as they once did. They need to relearn how to “Live Again” drug free. The groundwork, therefore, of our foundation shall begin with a focus on providing this target population with the opportunity to physically move to another community away from where their devastating behavior began.  Our goal is to give these young men the opportunity to learn how to “Live Again,” and start over with new self-respect, anonymity of the past, and renewed hope for their future. These are things that everyone craves, but for a person who has experienced failure after failure it can be a significant motivator in maintaining their sobriety. 

We seek to offer this opportunity through a Nick Willard Foundation sponsorship. A sponsorship may include transportation to the destination, introduction and orientation to the particular sober living environment and provision of the required room and board for a period of time determined in conjunction with the recommendations of the environment leader and tailored to the individual’s ability to progress and relearn how to live again drug free. 

After losing her son Nick to opioid overdose, Deborah Campiti founded the Nick Willard Live Again Foundation with the goal of helping those who struggle with addiction. She continues battling for those who seek a drug free life.

Outside of the foundation, she also partners with Recover Michiana Fest, which is an annual event in South Bend, Indiana.